About us


Hello everybody, we are located in Quartu Sant’Elena – Sardinia – Italy.

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The Sandalyon Cattery is an ANFI.FIFE registered breeder.

We chose the name Sandalyon ( Fenician for sandal) because of the shape of the island. We breed rosetted, snow bengals which derived from the most important Canadian and European blood lines.

We are small breeders and all our cats are raised in our home.

Selected and bred for optimal health , temperament and beauty standard according to Fife.

All our cats are genetically tested for HCM – FIV – FELV.

We keep our kittens at home untill they are at least 90 days old, and have been twice dewormed and have complited their vaccinations and with ANFI pedigree. When somebody wants one of our kittens , we would like to meet them personally. On that occasion we explain everything about the kitten.

Sandalyon Cattery would like to thank Mrs. Argia Laura Burani, Fife judge for all breed, for priceless advices and suggestions. We thank also Mrs. Angela Segato, bengal breeder. From her Cattery “Arajia” we brought Arajia Nativa Artica, a beautiful female cat with a splendid temperament, that became our first bengal queen.

Last but not least a huge thank to my family, my wife and my two daughters that put up with me and my passion for cats.