Snow Bengals

There are three kind of Snow Bengals :

  1. Seal lynx point
  2. Seal Sepia
  3. Seal Mink



The Seal lynx point is a carrier of a color point gene recessive, which derives from the siamese cats.  They are born with blu eyes which they keep in adulthood. At birth their paws are pink. Their spots do not exist yet and their fur is magnolia color. After one week their paws become darker in color and their spots become visible at the extreme point. At about twelve days old the spots appear all over the body. The final color is between magnolia and ivory, and the spots will be as dark as the point. Their eyes will be bright blue.

The Seal sepia is a carrier of the burmese gene. It’s genetically different from the lynx point, it doesn’t carry the color point gene. It’s born sepia in color with visible dark spots, ivory color, whiskers pads colorful gene. Even it the spots are generally visible at birth, sometime they are not very dark and become more visible as they grow.

It is considered the darkest of the snow bengals. The color of the eyes can vary from gold, golden amber to green. Deep color eyes in this breed of cats are preferred, the paws are generally brown could be lighter in color. The point of the tail is a very dark sepia brown color like all the other points.

The Seal Mink is a carrier of both the siamese and the burmese gene. It is born light ivory in color with visible spots which become medium to dark seal mink color, with ivory whiskers pads and chin.The eyes are acqua green , green or golden . The acqua green color is best.

For all the above snow breed an extreme contrast between the light colored fur and the dark spots is preferred, this makes the pattern more distinct.